Their purpose is not their own. Humanity belonged to the governors first. And the governors always have other man-made plans.

After their violent separation, Amelia and Dallas must learn how to navigate their newfound humanity without their partner whom they both believe has been left behind in Michigan. As Amelia begins reconditioning at PictureHouse, an exclusive Beau Monde treatment center in California, she must cooperate under her new Humanoid, Cyrus. Meanwhile, Dallas adjusts to his new life in confinement, awaiting his day of execution. Their paths are separate, but will they manage to find their way without the other?

PictureHouse is the second novel in the Gemini Letters trilogy, available December 2021.

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The Gemini Letters

The Gemini Letters is Madison Klophaus' first novel which released in September 2020, and is the first in The Gemini Letters series.


Madison Klophaus is a writer based out of Texas. She is the author of the dystopian series, The Gemini Letters. The first book released in September of 2020. Her second book will release winter 2021.